2015 Outstanding Conservationist of the Year

 Dodge Soil and Water Conservation District 2017 Outstanding Conservationist of the Year

Tom and Denise Pyfferoen, Milton Township, Minnesota

Tom & Denise operate an 800-acre farm raising corn, soybeans, small grain and 150 beef feeders.


Here is Tom standing in one of his well-maintained buffer strips.

Tom has been farming since 1975, and during that time he has incorporated many conservation practices into his operation including: tile, waterways, buffers, reduced-till/no-till, residue management, nutrient management with soil sampling, fertilizer banding, side dressing, an independent crop consultant, tile water nitrogen sampling, and a feedlot system utilizing both manure pack and liquid manure handling.

Tom has become a vocal leader/speaker for soil health, and a recognized leader hosting field days and training events on his farm. He shares his passion for learning his craft with other farmers, along with present and future ag professional service people.