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Trees Available For Windbreak & Wildlife Plantings 

The Dodge Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is once again taking tree orders for spring 2021 windbreak and wildlife plantings. Tree varieties available this year are: American Arbor Vitae, Norway Spruce, White Spruce, White Pine, Eastern Red Cedar, Norway Poplar,  Rubrum Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Black Walnut, Lilac (Villosa), Cranberrybush, American Plum, Hazelnut, Redosier Dogwood, and Sand Cherry. Quantities are limited so for the best selection of trees, it is best to place an order by February 28th 2021. The SWCD has tree spades available to use for planting. 

A well designed windbreak is a useful tool for snow management, wildlife food and shelter, energy conservation, livestock protection and aesthetics. A successful windbreak planting depends on proper establishment and proper care during the first several years after planting. Layout, site preparation, tree selection, pre-planting care, planting techniques, grass and weed control and correct pruning are all important factors to consider for establishing an effective and healthy windbreak. A windbreak is also an investment towards the future value of your property.

Common mistakes that will kill young trees are: not planting trees at the proper depth, allowing roots to curl back toward the top of the hole or trench thus not allowing proper root spread, leaving tree roots exposed to the sun and wind during planting, planting directly into sod, lack of watering, planting trees where they won’t receive sufficient sunlight and keeping trees packaged for more than a few days without cold storage and water.

The Dodge SWCD will prepare a detailed field windbreak plan for landowners free of charge. Persons interested in placing a tree order or having a field windbreak plan developed can call Blaine Delzer at the Dodge Soil & Water Conservation District at 374-6364 Ext. 3.

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